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Reviewed by: JimmyO

Directed by: Joel Bergvall and Simon Sandquist

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Lee Pace
Michael Landes

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What's it about
After a car accident leaves a young woman’s husband and brother-in-law in a coma, she tries to find a way to survive without him. That is until her brother-in-law wakes up thinking that he is in fact, her husband. Somewhere a mystery occurs, and somehow, I just didn’t care who, what or why.
Is it good movie?
As a big, geeky fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, both the film and especially the series, I’ll be completely honest… I love Sarah Michelle Gellar. Her work on the series was wonderful. And yes, I do think she has quite a bit of talent as an actress. It’s just a shame that she doesn’t seem to have the golden touch when it comes to picking good films. As far as Possession goes, she does a good job with what she has, but rarely have I seen something as sloppily put together as this. The story of a young woman with a terrific husband with a bad boy brother is the epitome of convoluted. A remake of the South Korean film entitled Addicted, there is so little going on here that this might have well been a twenty minute short without losing anything. As it stands, Possession drags painfully along to a much too anti-climactic ending that is neither terrifying or remotely interesting.

The biggest problem here is the ridiculous way that the two brothers, Roman (Lee Pace) and Ryan (Michael Landes) end up in a coma. Frankly, it is beyond belief. The troublemaker Roman, drives off and good guy Ryan gets in his car, looking for him. Somehow, they both end up on the Golden Gate Bridge slamming into each other due to a whole lot of smog. The problem here, not one other person is hurt or even bothered, aside from being annoyed because of the traffic. Was it fate? Not really, because the rest of the movie never tries to get that deep. After the terrible accident that only those two seem to have suffered from, only one wakes up from the coma and it isn’t the good hubby. And when Roman wakes, he is convinced that he is Ryan, and he seems to have some very detailed memories about he and his “wife”. At one point, the wife Jessica (Gellar) Googles the word “possession” and thus the title is born. But the supernatural aspect is beyond weak here. Like everything else, nothing feels honest or truthful or at the very least, interesting.

Co-Directors, Joel Burgvall and Simon Sandquist must have had some kind of studio interference. The direction feels all over the place. Sometimes it leans towards the supernatural, sometimes to just a romantic drama, but it never feels sure of what it wants to be. And if you watch the Deleted Scenes the entire last half hour feels like a completely different movie. I will give some credit to the actors. Most do a sufficiently good job. Lee Pace is best when he is trying to be the “husband” and the actual husband, Michael Landes is also good. But the rest of the characters are flat and uninspired. I swear somewhere beneath this madness was a really strong idea that could’ve made an interesting movie. Maybe I’ll have to check out the original and see if it is better than this drivel.

Look, I don’t mind a slow film. In fact, I appreciate a good character driven piece. But there is no real character here, there is no real direction either. If this had instead been simply a drama and avoided the so-called horror, it could’ve been an entertaining little Lifetime Movie of the Week. While I would’ve loved to have been swept up in the drama, really there is none. There is the introduction, the accident, the switch and a very long and uneventful climax. This is just a mess that happens to feature some good performances.
Video / Audio
Video: This is a good widescreen transfer. And Sarah Michelle Gellar just looks great and makes me happy.

Audio: Also quite good is the Dolby Digital 5.1. Man I wish this had been a better film.
The Extras
The Special Features include a handy dandy featurette about the making-of and it is as basic and bland as the movie itself. But, again, more Sarah, so at least that was exciting for me.

Next up we have a series of Deleted and Alternate Scenes. Here is a big problem for me, many of these scenes show more of what happens to certain characters and in many ways seem to tell a slightly different story. Sadly, these scenes were just as dull as the movie itself.

Finally, we have a Theatrical Trailer which didn’t really peak my interest in the first place, even with it featuring Buffy, I mean Sarah.

And if you want more Trailers, they also offer up “S. Darko”, “The Haunting of Molly Hartley”, “The Betrayed”, “Seth McFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy”
Last Call
Possession is a missed opportunity. The cast was good and there was something underneath that could’ve made for a pretty nifty mystery/thriller. But this just lags along with no real build up and somehow expects you to believe a very preposterous idea. Sure it could happen, but this is so clumsily put together that I didn’t care whether it could or would happen at all. I guess its worth checking out if you are a diehard Gellar or Lee Pace fan. Just don’t expect much because there ain’t no possession going on here.
star star star HANG ME BUT I DUG IT A LOT

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