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Reviewed by: JimmyO

Directed by: Tatiana Bliss

Liz Lavoie
Nipper Knapp
Steve Peymer

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What's it about
Dana Lewis is one of the all time greatest scream queens, but she wants to challenge herself and become a serious actress. She constantly deals with people who want to take advantage of her and use her in many, many ways. That is until she is tricked into working with a first time director who she finds, truly believes in her talent. But love and Hollywood can be a fickle thing. Will these crazy kids end up together? You have to watch to find out.
Is it good movie?
There were a few moments during Scream Queen I wasn’t sure if I should be insulted. As a horror movie fan, Tatiana Bliss and her Indie look at the life of a scream queen seems to demean genre fans. While at a horror convention, the fans are portrayed as the biggest losers you could imagine. Even the “hero” of the film, Jason (Nipper Knapp) is such a cliché that you get the feeling that Tatiana thinks people who like horror are all morons (Although I suspect that is not the case). But, somehow the film manages to go beyond the stereotypes. Hell, even the scream queen, Dana Lewis (wonderfully played by Liz Lavoie) becomes an actress that seems to have no feelings for anyone but herself. I guess with a deeper look into the film, all the main characters seem to have good days and bad days. I guess you could say it is a little like real life when it comes to characters annoyance levels.

The story revolves around Dana who is a very successful B-Movie actress. She has done a number of horror films with famed sleaze filmmaker Buddy King (Steve Paymer). But she is getting older and nobody will take her seriously when it comes to getting roles in major motion pictures. This is a very true statement in regards to horror actresses. Even Dana’s agent doesn’t seem to have her best interest at heart; he demands a hand job in exchange for information on a legit film audition. Finally, she is offered a lead role in a serious thriller. Her agent tells her about the part and she is thrilled and ready for the challenge. But what she doesn’t know is that it is the same film that the video store geek Jason offered her the script for at the convention. Once she is tricked into doing the film, she is taken to the set and finds the cast and crew to be a bit on the odd side. At first she is belligerent and unprofessional, that is until she actually reads the script and finds herself slowly gaining respect and attraction for her director.

Scream Queen is a clever spoof on the making of a horror film. It is also a fairly insightful look on how tough it is to sustain a career in Hollywood. This is basically a romantic comedy that finds itself in the wonderful world of horror. I did feel that Tatiana really had a bunch of fun with all of the genre lovers out there. While sometimes I questioned whether she was laughing at us or with us. I also thought she took a major risk by making Dana such an unlikable bitch for as much of the movie as she did. I’m sorry, were we supposed to root for her? But with that said, this is a pretty inventive and entertaining low budget film. It also sports some very funny performances, especially Ms. Lavoie. She is the real reason that I was able to stay with her character even when she is written to be a little too selfish and egotistical. In the end I was thoroughly impressed with Tatiana Bliss and her romantic view of Independent cinema.
Video / Audio
Video: This 1.33:1 transfer looks good enough to stab.

Audio: The audio here is also good, yet they do not list it on the box. I’m guessing a Dolby 2.0… if that.
The Extras
The extras here offer a little bit to scream about. They include Bloopers which look as if they were more fun if you were actually there.

The Cast Interviews include the director and the leading actors. I really thought Liz Lavoie was just plain lovely. I want to see more of her… I mean as an actress you pervs… although maybe you’re right on that one also, she is smoking hot.

The Deleted Scenes are fine, but I’m glad they kept them deleted. Especially this long monologue from Nipper Knapp talking about how much he loves remakes… Really? Note to Tatiana, you’re going to find it very hard to find all that many horror fans that are a big fan of remakes lately. Seriously, that was beyond unbelievable. At least he didn’t say how much he liked The Fog remake better than the original.

And finally, we get the Trailer and some Cast Auditions. Nothing all that exciting, but still worth a look, I think that an audio commentary would have gone a long way.

Oh yeah, there are a couple of Sneak Previews including one for Bare Naked Survivor or something like that, which is sort of ironic considering that Scream Queen has a bit of a feminist statement going on.
Last Call
Although I sort of question whether Tatiana Bliss thinks horror geeks are just that… geeks with nothing to offer society aside from general geekiness, I do think she made a truly unique and sort of touching romantic comedy that genre fans can appreciate. The humorous look at low budget filmmaking and the challenge of an actress getting too old to play a virgin, bloody teenager is inspired. I also thought the casting of Nipper Knapp as the first time director and especially the lovely and engaging Liz Lavoie made for a pleasurable viewing experience.
star star star HANG ME BUT I DUG IT A LOT

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