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Reviewed by: Andre Manseau

Directed by: Olatunde Osunsanmi

Milla Jovovich
Will Patton
Elias Koteas

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What's it about
Dr. Abigail Tyler lives in a town in the middle of nowhere and works as a psychologist. Unfortunately for her, her patients seem to start going nuts and killing themselves and others, until they disappear. Then, Abbey's own family members start disappearing and she is convinced that all these spooky goings-on are due to aliens.
Is it good movie?
Many don't know this but in one of my 'real' jobs, I work in a video store for a few hours a week. You'll imagine my surprise when I walked by the Fourth Kind and saw a quote from Joblo's very own Mike Sampson claiming that this movie was one of the scariest he'd seen. Now Mike doesn't work for AITH and that's probably a good thing because although I was really happy to see one of our dudes on a DVD cover, I was really sad that it was for The Fourth Kind.

I absolutely hate this movie. I hate every stupid second of it.

Let me explain. The first trailer for this movie (and the introduction to this movie) features MIlla Jovovich saying "I am an actress and I was drawn to this because it is a real story and it's real so if you don't think it's real it is, believe me I know it's real, real real real". That's a little exaggerated, but you get what I mean. An entire trailer was her saying everything is real, and it's re-iterated at the beginning of the movie.

When I sat in the theaters to watch this, I was pretty into it. I really thought that the real footage directly split-screened with the movie footage was creepy as can be and lent credibility to the flick. I mean, it was really jarring to look at and of terrible quality, but at the same time a pretty original idea that just makes the truth scarier while they dramatize it at the same time on the opposite side of the screen. The plot is really, really simple- weird things start going on, the doctor is sure of it, absolutely no one believes her, especially the huge jerk of a police chief. Scary things start happening and the movie builds to a climax. The actors are game and deliver good performances, although Will Patton's character is the biggest skeptic in the world.

As you're watching, the movie will even cut away to a college study interview with the real Abigail Tyler, who seems completely destroyed by the incident to this day. The end of the movie spouts off more facts about how scary things have been happening in Nome, Alaska for a long time. I walked out of the movie thinking that although as a film it was poorly made, it deserved points for showing the truth and trying something new.

Then, my pal said "I'm not sure it's all legit, man". Then I said to him "Well if it's not real, then this is the biggest crock of sh*t I've ever seen." So we did a bit of research. It's true that people have gone missing in the small town of Nome and that some of the weirdos think they've seen aliens. This means nothing. Dr. Abigail Tyler doesn't exist, the interview was fake (the DIRECTOR was the interviewer..puke) and there were no specific case studies from which this movie got its information from. ALL of the "real" split screened footage is completely staged. This negates the movie's entire existence, if you ask me. And yes, I know that some 'names were changed' and all that, but there's no record of any of this stuff going on.

I don't mind suspending disbelief. I dug Blair Witch back in the day and even though Paranormal Activity had some great moments. Here's the thing though- I never thought they were real. People create the myth that these stories are real because they LOOK and SEEM real. No one ever specifically said that the movies were real, they just let people run the hype machine to fuel the box office. This is why the Fourth Kind is deplorable. This movie swears up and down and literally spends the entire movie nudging you in the shoulder and saying "Look stupid, this is all real! Look at all this real footage! You can't argue with this!".

Because this is all a cheap parlor trick, this movie is complete garbage. It requires you to really swallow a heap of BS and believe it. The fake footage thing is really jarring and strange and really amounts to nothing in the long run. Does this movie have creepy moments? Absolutely, it really can be unnerving and if it were presented as nothing but a scary movie without all that silly home video stuff, it might have something. Instead, it spends the entire runtime lying to you to convince you of how scary it is.
Video / Audio
Video is presented in widescreen format with a 2.35:1 aspect ratio and looks okay, although visuals are not this movie's strong suit.

Audio comes in DTS-HD 5.1 and sounds really sharp, lots of great audio in this flick.
The Extras
There's only one extra, and it consists of about 20 minutes of deleted scenes . Nothing really groundbreaking or overly exciting here, just stuff that would have made this movie even longer to endure.
Last Call
This movie is a huge waste of time. If you can let it all go, this whole farce they try to cram down your throat, you'll get some good scares out of it. I just couldn't get past all the BS. The best part of this flick to me was the end credits when you hear "real" phone calls of people explaining that they (or others) have had encounters with aliens. Of course, that's only effective if those are real too. Now, everyone come to my house and I promise to give you ONE MILLION DOLLARS that is REAL MONEY for your bank account (it might be Monopoly money).
star star star HANG ME BUT I DUG IT A LOT

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