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Reviewed by: JimmyO

Directed by: Chris Sivertson

Marc Senter
Shay Astar
Robin Sydney

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What's it about
One dark night, Ray Pye and a couple of friends are involved in a heinous crime. Years later, nobody ever caught on that Ray did the deed. Nobody talked and the police weren’t very effective. But as the years pass, guilt and paranoia lead Ray on a downward spiral as his life seems to turn against him.
Is it good movie?
In the opening sequence of the latest Jack Ketchum based tale of terror, The Lost, we find a very dark soul in Ray Pye. Ray (Marc Senter), his best friend Tim (Alex Frost) and “when convenient” girlfriend Jennifer (Shay Astar) are all hanging at a local camp ground, looking for some action. That action comes when Ray happens upon a naked woman coming out of an outhouse. After an awqward introduction where the woman states that she thought her and her friend were alone, Ray is polite and watches her walk away. But he makes sure to find out where her and her friend are. Seeing the two women together, he assumes they are lesbians and decides that he wants to have some fun. And that fun consists of a rifle and murder, as his terrified friends find themselves in fear of his actions. He hunts the girls down in a violent fashion, and he sure seems to enjoy it. This is a sick dude, and not just because he wears eyeliner and paints a mole on his cheek (what was up with that?).

There is a calm after this sequence of horror and violence. But something is brewing each and every time someone crosses Ray. He is in constant conquest of the latest f*ck and with that seems to be a whole lot of rage. But one night, he meets Katherine (Robin Sydney) and she may just be the woman of his dreams. He seems to find comfort in her, and the ability to be honest with her. He even admits to the unsolved crime he committed years ago. But all good things must come to an end. And as she learns more about Ray, and later on has to deal with a loss in her family, she finds herself pulling away from him. When she tells him she doesn’t want to see him anymore, things go from bad to worse. The brief hold he had on his sanity soon falls apart. And it all leads to a terrifying and sadistic end for everyone involved.

After watching The Girl Next Door and being very impressed, I was excited to see what The Lost had in store. And for the most part, I found myself impressed with what I saw. It is refreshing to see a thriller spend as much time as these films do on the characters. Writer/director Chris Sivertson knows how to create a house of cards, and knock them down at just the right time. He lets the story happen while not getting overly fancy with the camerawork. Not to say that it’s lacking in vision, not at all. This sort of felt like David Gordon Green doing a slasher flick, and it works.

Although there are a few moments that pulled me out. I didn't really groove on the May-December romance between a police officer and his buddie's daughter. It would have been better had it been amped up, or complelely removed. As it was, it felt too rushed and glossed over. I also felt that there were some odd music choices. Don’t get me wrong, I dug most of the score and the featured songs. But there are a couple of moments when the score sounded like some kind of bizarre vocal exercise, this was far from terrifying and much too obvious… we get it… something bad is going to happen. And speaking of sound… the constant fly buzzing around Ray really got on my nerves. I’m guessing this suggests that the dude is shite and that flies gather round him. Or maybe I’m totally off and they just happened to have really bad luck with those pesky insects. I think the idea behind this would have worked, but sometimes, less is more. The constant buzz buzz was a little grating after awhile.

Speaking of too much… for the most part, I liked Marc Senter as the certifiable psycho. But occasionally he seemed to chew way too much scenery. This was mostly a problem in the final sequence. He played “crazy” and it wasn’t scary, it was just tedious. I couldn‘t wait for someone to shut this dude up. Luckily, he was surrounded by some pretty good performances in that same moment that kept it real. Still, Marc did a good job for most of the film, including his scenes with Robin Sydney. Her work is terrific. She is absolutely beautiful and a hell of an actress on top of that. She’s not even afraid to bare more than her soul, as most of the women do in this film. Hell, even Marc drops trou occasionally. There is a whole lot of nudity going on, but truthfully, there is such an ugliness in Ray’s sexuality, that it is rarely a turn on to anybody… I hope.
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The Lost is a well made trip back into Jack Ketchum’s dark world. Although not quite as brutal and shocking as The Girl Next Door, it will still leave you shaken and maybe a little horrified at the final few frames. As Ray Pye, Marc Senter is for the most part pretty good. But when he starts going the insane route, and his hand gestures and every other part of him seem to go ADD, it loses power and may get a few chuckles instead of screams of terror. The rest of the cast also do good work, especially Ms. Sydney. Her Katherine is utterly convincing and the moments she shares early on with Senter are terrific. The two seem to have a wonderful connection. This dark and menacing tale, while not without it’s flaws, is still a worthy anthem of restlessness gone awry.
star star star HANG ME BUT I DUG IT A LOT

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