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Reviewed by: JimmyO

Directed by: David Lynch

Kyle MacLachlan
Michael Ontkean
Sheryl Lee

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What's it about
The hunt for Laura Palmer’s killer continues as Agent Cooper and Sheriff Truman’s investigation uncover deep dark secrets hidden in the underbelly of Twin Peaks. The “Log Lady”, Owls who are not what they seem and damn fine coffee and pie are back, as is Bob.
Is it good movie?
Haunting, stunning, surreal, mysterious, frustrating, hilarious, beautiful… all words that you could use to describe David Lynch and Mark Frost’s landmark television series, Twin Peaks. And now, finally, here is the release of Season 2 on DVD. When it originally aired, I was floored by the unique experience. Never before had there been anything like it and I was taken away. From the first time they found the body of Laura Palmer in the pilot episode, to what in my opinion may be one of the most frightening scenes that I have ever seen. And finally to the strange and somewhat disappointing conclusion of what is one of the best works of art ever to appear on that box we call television. And as I submersed myself back into this world, what was truly inspiring was the fact that it really hadn’t aged. This final season aired in 1990/91 yet it feels as fresh and relevant as anything on today. Occasionally technology will send you back, including one characters cell phone, but it feels like home. David Lynch created a world that could still exist in this sleepy little town. From Sherilyn Fenn’s stunning poor little rich girl Audrey, to Lara Flynn Boyle as Donna, who finds the secret life of her best friend Laura a very seductive, yet dangerous world, surrounded by complex souls that are sometimes strange, often beautiful and even murderous.

Now if you are unfamiliar with Twin Peaks, I suggest you discover it. It is a simple story of a murder in a small town that leads to corruption, arson, incest and of course a dancing dwarf who spends his hours in the “black lodge”. But you must be warned that if you start here you may be turned off quickly because much happens in Season One. Sadly, the first season is not available on DVD anymore which makes less sense than anything that happens in this sleepy little town. This is a strange world that gets even stranger when the killer is revealed. What is a simple murder mystery turns into a metaphysical hunt for a force, something that is black and evil and that can possess a man’s soul. And as I mentioned earlier, some of this gets a little frustrating because this is David Lynch. In its initial run, CBS had wanted to answer the mystery of who killed Laura Palmer and now that I watch it… it shouldn’t have been answered so soon. The fun is in the mystery, yet even when the mystery is solved, it still works. This is Lynch at his finest as the atmosphere builds while a hauntingly unforgettable score by Angelo Badalamenti pours and bursts and laments. All of it works, but it works best as the original mystery unfolds. This includes a climactic moment when one character is murdered and the killer is revealed. It is one of the most frightening moments on film that I have ever witnessed and it still sends chills down my spine. There is much to love here and I can’t not mention the winning performances from Kyle MacLachlan as Agent Cooper and the wonderfully understated Harry S. Truman, brought to life by Michael Ontkean. This is television at its finest and one of the most important shows in the mediums history.
Video / Audio
Video: This is a beautiful transfer from its Full Frame format yet it seems a bit off compression wise. But I’m just so damn happy to have it on DVD so I hardly noticed.

Audio: Angelo Badalamenti has never sounded this good. The 5.1 Dolby Digital is crystal clear. Beautiful!
The Extras
Okay… so the lack of extras are a bit of a mystery in themselves. Yet I was quite happy with a few couple of minute in length interviews with some of the directors including Caleb Deschanel, Duwayne Dunham, Todd Holland, Tim Hunter, Stephen Gyllenhaal and David’s daughter and the author of the book “The Laura Palmer Diary”, Jennifer Lynch. It was nice to hear that Lynch let these folks get creative and still remain true to style of Twin Peaks.

As for the actors, we get Kyle MacLachlan, Madchen Amick, Sherilyn Fenn, Dana Ashbrook, Gary Hershberger, James Marshall, David Duchovny, Kimmy Robertson, Don Davis, Mary Jo Deschanel, Lenny von Dohlen and Charlotte Stewart. It is fascinating to see how Madchen almost ended up on Baywatch or how Mr. Lynch directed Mr. Marshall in a tough scene. And it also uses an Interactive Grid to maneuver through the interviews. More special features like this would have been nice. And what the hell happened to Lara Flynn Boyle? Okay, maybe I wouldn’t want to hear from her now. Man she was amazing in this show… before she went a little nuts. But what about Sheryl Lee and David Lynch? Great interviews but I would have appreciated more love for the show than just that.

But we do get Log Lady Introductions on all 22 episodes. These however are not re-mastered and look very grainy, but they still rock. The log knows all.
Last Call
Twin Peaks is arguable one of the best television series ever produced. With a suburb cast of characters and a unique visual style, it is a haunting experience that is a fresh and inventive today as it was back then. Yes, the series gets a bit frustratingly strange when Laura Palmer’s killer is exposed but it is still a beauty. And if you decide to visit Twin Peaks for some damn good hot coffee and cherry pie, I would also recommend the underrated yet thrillingly bizarre, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.
star star star HANG ME BUT I DUG IT A LOT

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