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Reviewed by: Pat Torfe

Directed by: Lucifer Valentine

Ameara LaVey
Hope Likens
Lucifer Valentine
Pig Lizzy

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What's it about

Lucifer Valentine has compiled his trilogy of Vomit Gore into one boxset. The twisted tale of Angela Aberdeen, a nineteen year old bulimic runaway stripper-turned prostitute, and her subsequent descents into madness are here in their vomit-covered glory.

Is it good movie?

I never thought that I'd be tasked with watching and reviewing these films. Professed Satanist and emetophile (an individual who is aroused by vomiting or watching others vomit) Lucifer Valentine filmed his first film of the trilogy, SLAUGHTERED VOMIT DOLLS, in 2006. Back then, Matt had the "honour" of reviewing the film, and now I get the whole set and then some. Now before I say that this is all essentially just fetish porn disguised as a horror film that Valentine decided to put out there for those who enjoy this sort of thing to buy (which it really is), I'll try to find some artistic merit in all of this.

Well, when it's blatantly not in your face, the gore effects throughout all three films are nicely executed. I'm not talking about the blood puke (great song title, by the way), but there's a degree of some skill in how everything was put together, especially on a next-to-nothing budget....

...Provided that it's not mixed with very real puking, blood ejaculation from a latex dick (after fellating it, of course), ripped-out fetuses, nude scenes that aren't the least bit fun for anyone, and other stuff all for the sake of shock. Seriously, where's the fun in that, especially when these people are forcing themselves to throw up? That's not a pleasant thing to do, regardless of whether you're sick. Really, this all comes off as some sort of fetish video, which isn't far from the truth given that Ameara LaVey was Valentine's girlfriend at the time. Combine that with minimal acting ability by pretty much everyone, schizophrenic editing that will make you dizzy and ear-bleeding music that would give Cannibal Corpse fans headaches, it's enough to equate to torture.

Out of all of this, I have to ask: where's the redeeming value of all of this? Yes, I know that some films that I love have questionable redeeming value to them, but in the end, they were all entertaining. You know, you're supposed to have a good time with them? Those films also were a fun time to watch, and the actors didn't have to abuse themselves to the point of injury. With these three films, all of that is suspect. I question how anyone can have a good time watching this sort of film. Hell, I question if this is even art! It's nothing but pretentiousness drowned in amateur porn and gore. I'm sorry if I'm out of line questioning whether this is art or not, but seriously, you don't make this sort of stuff and put this on your resume to get a job. Even then, what would that job be?

I don't know anyone who would find these films entertaining. If you do find them entertaining, you can call me a f*cking liar and tell me that this is art. I will gladly apologize and hear you out. Art is subjective, after all. But I bet that even those folks who enjoy some of the hardest-to-watch horror films will gladly pass at these.

Video / Audio

Video: The first two films are presented in 1.33:1 fullscreen while the third film is in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen. The first two films are obviously on the cheap, and as such the quality of the video reflects that. It's watchable (if you want to call it that). The third film gets a boost from the move to widescreen, but it's still handheld stuff.

Audio: All three films come with a Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track. Again, the sound matches with the quality of the video, so don't expect anything to blow your speakers. Just be prepared to hit mute when it comes to certain music tracks.

The Extras

On disc 1, the party starts with two audio commentaries: one audio commentary with Amanda LeVay and an audio commentary with Iv and No One Body, neither of which I was particularly keen on hearing.

Following that is a half-hour doc entitled Making Of Slaughtered Vomit Dolls.

Following that are a couple of pieces on star Amanda LaVey called It Really Hurts To Laugh and Self-Inflicted, in which Mr. Valentine interviews his former girlfriend on a variety of subjects.

The History of Vomit Gore is exactly what it sounds like: Mr. Valentine going through the history of his created genre, starting from his childhood. Essentially, it's Valentine narrating the text that appears on the screen for 17 minutes.

What follows are a couple of slideshow galleries. Production Notes is a silent slideshow showing pictures of the notes Valentine and company made, while Picture Gallery shows off the various artwork that was created for the film.

Rounding things off are the teasers and trailers for SLAUGHTERED VOMIT DOLLS and REGOREGITATED SACRIFICE.

On disc 2, things start off with an audio commentary by director Lucifer Valentine and producer No One Body talking about the makings of the film, as well as saying that they're in Amsterdam.

Following that is a two-minute piece called Ameara's Drawings, which again has artwork created for the film, but this time has someone singing over the slideshow.

Black Angels of Hell has the twins from the film talking about Ameara LaVey, Lucifer Valentine, the vomit gore genre and their role in the film.

Kurt Kobain 4ever is a 20 minute piece where Valentine again narrates the text that appears onscreen, this time talking about the theme of Kurt Kobain's death in REGOREGITATED SACRIFICE and SLAUGHTERED VOMIT DOLLS. The scenes in question that reference Kobain aren't exactly what you'd say are in good taste, but who am I to judge?

Making Of is your documentary on the film itself.

Ritual Sacrifice is basically behind the scenes footage devoted to the women of the film. It borders on amateur porn (lots of nakedness and close up shots of assets) but also involves vomit and other fetish stuff, so it's your call.

Following that is another picture gallery and the same teasers and trailers that were on the first disc.

Disc 3 starts off with another audio commentary by director Lucifer Valentine. Again, Lucifer does the whole making-of thing of the film.

Hope Likens is an interview with the actress on the film, her character, how she was there of her own free will and not abducted, etc.

Ameara LaVey is another interview segment that ends up involving Ameara doing a watersports fetish. I wish I was kidding. I'm so glad that I didn't have to clean that hotel room after they left.

The Foetus Massacre looks at the makeup job for the fetus ripping scene.

The Cricket Cake is a behind-the-scenes piece involving Hope Likens eating crickets (pesticide-free, by the way) off of a birthday cake.

Ms. Lucy & Natas has the two ladies interviewed by Valentine about their roles, as well as showing behind-the-scenes footage of the girls. And yes, we do get footage of a strap-on being used.

Production Notes again shows the notes used by Valentine set to ominous music, while Voice Memos are audio recordings Lucifer did while editing the film to document his thoughts while he was editing. Note that the majority of the time, it's just Valentine's voice and against a black screen. There's a half-hour of notes, by the way.

The bonus disc included in the set is devoted to Valentine's short film, A PERFECT CHILD OF SATAN.

Following the film there's audio commentary by director Lucifer Valentine. Valentine talks about the genesis of the short, how he met Chelsea Chainsaw (the woman in the short), what it was like working with her and so on.

The Making of A Perfect Child Of Satan is the shortest of the 'making of' documentaries on the set, and has Chelsea Chainsaw doing a talking head interview for the majority of the eleven minutes of the doc.

"Sorry I blacked out" is a mashup of various behind the scenes footage from the three Vomit Gore films. The title of the piece comes from a scene where Natas from the third film blacks out on camera and apologizes for doing so.

Octo-puke documents Hank Skinny (the dude with the octopus on his head from the second film) doing his vomiting thing as well as goofing around with the octopus.

A Kid is a piece about a short story that was written by Lucifer's sister, Cinderella, which Lucifer adapted portions of for his trilogy. Basically, it's Cinderella reading the entire story in a hotel room.

Ameara LaVey: Songs of Vomit has a footage collage from all three films set against music used in the film. There's also a set of outtakes from this piece.

"If you love someone then you have to prove it" is Hope Likens talking about a variety of things interspersed with footage of her from the second film.

"I have to say goodbye" has more behind the scenes footage from the second film, and ends with Valentine choking Ameara.

Epilogue has Valentine looking back at his films with his thoughts and more trivia about the productions.

Last Call

Borderline arthouse, the VOMIT GORE TRILOGY is nothing more than Valentine's excuse to make a buck off of his fetishes. Pretentious storytelling mixed with below B-grade acting and blatant gore that serves little or no purpose other than to disgust for the sake of disgust, this series will only appeal to a very select few individuals. Even then, it's still not good. The boxset has its fair share of interviews (amongst other questionable things), so those select few will have that much more to enjoy. Everyone else will go curl up in the shower.

star star star HANG ME BUT I DUG IT A LOT

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