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After Dark goodies: A ton of new stills and poster for Norwegian flick Hidden

01.19.2010by: Jake Dee

Just as expected with a week and change from release, we're starting to get deluged with marketing material for After Dark's 2010 crop of Films to Die For. In the last couple of days we've been slapped upside the dome with trailers for THE FINAL and THE REEDS, and now we've got an ass-load of fresh stills (including a really dope poster) from the Norwegian chiller HIDDEN (SKJULT). As you'll see when scrolling...thems are quite the shite!

As one of 8 films to be released January 29th, HIDDEN Tells the story of Kai Koss who upon the death of his cruel mother unwillingly returns to the small town he ran away from 19 years ago. He is left in charge of the family home and the dark secrets that come with it. Kai soon finds himself tangled up in a series of murderous events that are beyond anyone’s control and his troubles begin to overwhelm him. He has spent the past two decades trying to forget a tortured past only to find that there are some things that you just can’t run from.

Solid, right?!?

Arthur Berning, Knut Morten Brekke, Gabriel August Gjønnes, Agnes Karin Haaskjold, Kristoffer Joner, Karin Park, Julie Rusti, Cecilie A. Mosli, and Elisabeth Lillevik all star (damn that was fun writing those names!)

Taking a look at these pictures, a few things become pretty apparent. First, you can never have too many damn fish hooks. Secondly, the red riding mythos is in full-effect here. And lastly, miniature bicycles are f*ckin' frightening!

Hopefully HIDDEN, written and directed by Pål Øie, can match some of the recent Scandinavian horror success in flicks like LET THE RIGHT ONE IN and to a lesser extent, DEAD SNOW.

Enjoy the stills!


Extra Tidbit: Favorite Scandinavian horror flick?
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