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Creepy mini-trailer for Breck Eisner's The Crazies shows some unseen footage

01.12.2010by: Jake Dee

Not even 24 hours ago we featured a trio of sweet, sweet looking posters for Breck Eisner's update of George A. Romero's THE CRAZIES. And with the film's release some 6 weeks away, Overture is kicking the ad campaign for the flick in overdrive, as evidenced in a new mini-trailer for the flick below (courtesy of Fandango).

In what very well could be the fillet of 2010 horror remakes, Eisner's film is set in the quaint Iowan town of Ogden Marsh, where a toxin in the water supply suddenly turns people into foaming, blood-parched psychotics. It's up to the town sheriff (Tim Olyphant) and his wife (Radha Mitchell) to figure out what the hell is going on, then band everyone together in hopes of survival.

In addition to the two leads, the film stars familiar horror face Danielle Panabaker (a cute face, at that), as well as Joe Anderson, Christie Lynn Smith, Brett Rickaby, Preston Bailey, Joe Reegan, John Aylward, Lisa K. Wyatt, Larry Cedar and Justin Welborn.

In the piece below, we're treated with some rapid fire action, some pretty grueling visuals, and a menacing backbeat to drive the terror home. However, it's the last image of a, for lack of a better word, Crazy, ambling across a baseball field rockin' a pair of coveralls and a shottie that offers the most unease. At least to me it does!

Catch a case of THE CRAZIES Feb. 26th!

Radha Mitchell can drive me crazy any day!


Extra Tidbit: What are some of your anticipated horror remakes this year? Are there any?
Source: Fandango



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