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Ethan Hawke pitches Daybreakers 2, but would it be a sequel or prequel?

01.15.2010by: Jake Dee

Only a week in theaters and Ethan Hawke is already entertaining the notion of a DAYBREAKERS 2. Well, sort of!

When doing press for the new Spierig Bros. film, io9 caught up with Hawke and coaxed a few sequel ideas out of the dude. When asked if he'd ever consider a BOOK OF ELI type dystopic film, Hawke retorted:

"Yeah! I imagine sometimes that Daybreakers could be Mad Max and the sequel to it could be Road Warrior. You know how different Mad Max was to Road Warrior, maybe Road Warrior is such a great sequel because it was completely different. But I'm really interested to see what it's like in Nebraska with the subsiders. It could get really wild."

Cool, cool. A DAYBREAKERS road picture, I can dig it. But will Michael and Peter Spierig?

Hawke continued: "We then took these ideas to Peter and Michael Spierig - turns out they're already thinking about a prequel, and maybe even a graphic novel for the series."

Hot damn...a graphic novelized prequel? Damn. At the prospect of a sequel/prequel, the Bros. Spierig offer:

"It all depends on how this one does. The answer simply is yes. It just depends on how it does. If this film works then sure" (Michael).

"Yes we have a lot of ideas. There's lots of things even dealing with the world as the plague was hitting and what went on there. So there's lots of material" (Peter).

Groovy shite!

To read the full scoop, pop over THIS WAY.

I'd happily let Isabel Lucas suck my blood anytime!

Extra Tidbit: You think DAYBREAKERS 2 would be better as a film or graphic novel? Sequel or prequel?
Source: io9



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