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Indie torture flick Devil's Grove now on DVD from New York City Horror Film Fest

06.16.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

It's been a long road for DEVIL'S GROVE, but it is finally available for your viewing pleasure. The flick was completed back in 2007, and played to festival circuit for a couple years to both praise and controversy. It was self-released on DVD last year, but just last week it finally received an official release courtesy of Elite Entertainment and the New York City Horror Film Festival.

Check out the teaser trailer below. The gory preview says that mainstream torture flicks like SAW, HOSTEL and WOLF CREEK are pussies! If you like what you see, pick up a DVD HERE.

In 1999, nine members of the Riggs family are found brutally murdered at their family-owned amusement park. The only survivor, David Riggs, closes the park and goes into seclusion, while Jimmy Lawson, a quiet, shy park employee is convicted of the murders and sentenced to a hospital for the criminally insane.

Ten years pass, and a group of high school students goes back to the defunct park to shoot a documentary about the murders. Their on-location shoot soon turns into a lesson about letting sleeping dogs - and killers - lie.

The indie film is co-directed/co-produced by Michael J. Hein and R. Zoe Judd and co-written by Judd and Rick Amburgey. It stars Kimberly Magness, Chris Cochran and Susie Silva. Hein had this to say about the release: "We are thrilled to be presenting this brutal horror film for the hard core fans. DEVIL'S GROVE is gritty, nasty, and leaves you with that wonderful post-horror film feeling of needing to take a shower."



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