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13 DM2H stills!

05.16.2009by: Jared Pacheco

You know a horror flick is getting pushed hard when there's several new updates in the final weeks to it's release. Such is the case with Sam Raimi's DRAG ME TO HELL.

Just this week alone we've shown you two new clips for DRAG ME TO HELL, found here and here. Well if you dug the clips you'll be excited to know there were 13 new DRAG ME TO HELL stills released today! You can scope those out above and below. Most are pretty boring but there are a couple monsters thrown in there!

Our own Eric Walkuski was able to check out DRAG ME TO HELL earlier this week and apparently the movie is 'a goddamned blast.' Works for me! That's a pretty bold statement.. let's hope it's true! DRAG ME TO HELL hits theaters everywhere on May 29th!

Extra Tidbit: This isn't the first time Justin Long has entered our genre. He starred in JEEPERS CREEPERS and had a cameo in it's sequel.
Source: AITH



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