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13: Game of remake

05.22.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
It seems like forever ago when the last J-horror film was snatched up for an American remake... because it looks like Thai-horror is the new hot source of horror movie inspiration!

The boys over at B-D scored the news today that Dimension Films have snatched up the remake rights to the Thai horror flick 13: GAMES OF DEATH, which recently just hit DVD via Dimension's Extreme DVD label.

Maybe sells of the DVD were off the charts and they wanted to capitalize its immense popularity and remake it! Or maybe they had the opportunity to do a remake, so they pulled blindingly out of a hat, and it just so happened to be GAMES OF DEATH. Either way, expect to look for that remake in theaters sooner than you'd think.

As a refresher, 13: GAMES OF DEATH is about a down-on-his luck salesman who has lost his job, his car and his girlfriend. When a mysterious cell phone caller offers him $100 million to play a "game show" featuring 13 secret challenges, he is in. The catch? The tests grow increasingly intense and morally questionable, but if he quits he loses everything.

Sounds like a fun time to me... therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to check this beast out on DVD, so you can see how bad Dimension mucks it up for the big screen.

To check out the full scoop, click HERE, and stick around as we find out whether this news is simply a rumor, or the real deal... I'm guessing it will hit the trades soon enough, as this has 'real deal' written all over it.

Source: B-D



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