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13 gets manlier

11.05.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
A few weeks ago we learned that the remake of the French horror thriller 13 TZAMETI (simply titled 13) had 50 Cent, Mickey Rourke, and Jason Statham all lined up to star, ensuring that this may be one of the manliest casts ever compiled (check that shite out HERE). Today Variety announced that the film just got manlier, with two more additions that inject that much more testosterone into the project.

Ray Liotta and Ray Winstone have joined this group of badass men in what may be one of the manliest movies ever made... maybe even manlier than the original a few years ago. Awesome!

As a recap, 13 is about a man who steals a mysterious package and gets sucked into an underground gambling ring. Liotta is set to play a cop (big surprise) on the trail of the illegal gambling ring, while Winstone is a competing wrestler sprung from a mental institution. Hells yeah.

Will the casting get any better? How's about they cast a smokin' hot chick or two... then I think they'll have the manliest movie ever made. Let's wait and find out!

Source: Variety



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