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14 days to Insomni!

01.27.2008by: The Arrow

You have to respect anytime somebody puts their balls on the chopping block and their money where their mouth is to try something new. And that's what the duders behind INSOMNIFEST did, they created the first ever online horror film festival where twelve movies will be shown on the web for two weeks (February 11 to 24). The films (with titles like DEAD FLOOR, LEFT FOR DEAD, METHODIC, THE GRIEF) will be screened in stream online for 4,99$ a pop (no downloads for obvious reasons).

Personally, watching movies on my computer doesn't appeal to me, I spend WAYYYY too much time at that f*cking evil machine in the first place.... I wanna GET AWAY from it. But for those who don't share my sentiment, check out the Insomnifest Site Here to get all the details! And in un-related news: two girls playing tongue hockey below! Why? WHY NOT!

Mommy must be proud!

Source: Insomnifest



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