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1st poster for Ethan Hawke/Kristin Scott Thomas thriller The Woman in the Fifth

01.07.2011by: Jake Dee

Apparently it's poster Friday, as this is the third straight story I've ran on glorified wallpaper. Not that I'm complaining...hell, you should see my room!

Anyhoo, the first poster for French thriller THE WOMAN IN THE FIFTH, starring Ethan Hawke and Kristin Scott Thomas, has just been unraveled. We have a clear image to the right, and a blurrier one below. One a full sized high-res version cross the wire, we'll slap that shite up for you to see.

From Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski, who visualizes Douglas Kennedy's book - THE WOMAN IN THE FIFTH revolves around: A college lecturer who flees to Paris after a scandal costs him his job. In the City of Lights, he meets a widow who might be involved in a series of murders.

Ah, murder, mystery, intrigue...in gay Paris no less? What's not to love about that?

THE WOMAN IN THE FIFTH hasn't a release date yet, but you'll know as soon as it does.

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Extra Tidbit: If you can't read it on the poster: Pawlikowski won a BAFTA for MY SUMMER OF LOVE.
Source: Kino Gallery



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