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1st Zombieland stills!

06.12.2009by: Jared Pacheco

Remember that zombie flick we've been telling you about that stars Woody Harrelson? Well today we've got a huge update for it courtesy of the guys over at Ain't It Cool News!

Well it's not a huge update but it's pretty cool one! AICN got a look at the first four stills from ZOMBIELAND and they're looking pretty sweet! I've thrown up a couple above and below. You can click either one to check out the other two. Below you'll find Woody ready to beat down some zombie! I'm loving it! I can't wait to see this flick! Nevermind it's got hotties like Mila Kunis, Amber Heard, and Emma Stone (below) alongside Mr. Harrelson.

The zombies themselves are looking pretty cool too! Might ZOMBIELAND be a little piece of greatness that nobody is expecting? I wouldn't doubt it! Here's the rundown: In a world overrun by zombies, a guy described as "the most frightened person on Earth" looks to find refuge and bring a band of people to safety. It also stars Jesse Eisenberg and comes from director Ruben Fleischer. No word on a release date yet but keep it here for updates!

Extra Tidbit: ZOMBIELAND marks the first time Harrelson will go up against some sort of undead/monster. What took so long Woody!?
Source: AICN



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