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2 Cloverfield spots!

01.11.2008by: Jared Pacheco

CLOVERFIELD is quickly approaching and it's about damn time! These past few weeks have been like pulling teeth when it comes to advertising CLOVERFIELD. It's the same stuff over and over and over again. Earlier Eric showed you all a new spot where we might maybe could possibly get a glimpse of the monster (but not really.) We'll we've scored a couple of the buckets loads of spots that've been floating around for CLOVERFIELD. You can check those out over at our Videos section.

I dig them, though if your not looking forward to his movie by now, you never will. Sure, the media for this flick is drowning us... but I'm still looking forward to it. Ever since that first tease during TRANSFORMERS. A movie about a giant monster attacking New York... how does that not peak your interest? And just to add to it, the reviews have been nothing but great thus far. Well folks, all this hype will be over in exactly a week, when CLOVERFIELD finally hits theaters January 18.

Beautiful CLOVERFIELD hottie Odette Yustman.

Source: AITH Videos



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