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2 new Antichrist clips

10.22.2009by: Jake Dee

Boy I’m glad Danish raconteur Lars von Trier’s ANTICHRIST is finally hitting limited release this weekend. One, I’m dying to see the flick. And two, I'm tired of pumping it up in print.

We’ve surely seen poster after poster, one provocative trailer after the next, festival artwork, BTS footage, even a von Trier interview for fu*k’s sake. I can’t take the torturous teasing! Looks like I’ll have to though, as it’s now time to fix our eyes on a pair of new clips from the film!

In the first clip, Dafoe’s character examines an eerie photo in which an abnormal image of a child wearing shoes on the wrong feet offers psychological disturbance. In the second clip, Dafoe’s character psycho-analyzes (he is a shrink) his wife’s (Charlotte Gainsbourg) innate fear of nature, in particular Eden, the place they’ve retreated to for rest and refreshment. She finds this demeaning and a direct result of her hubby’s arrogance. She’s clearly having none of it!

Remember, ANTICHRIST sees limited release this Friday (Oct. 23rd) and is available On Demand as of yesterday (Oct. 21st).

Feel free to get creeped out below!

Extra Tidbit: What's YOUR most anticipated flick that's yet to come out in 2009?
Source: IFC



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