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2 new videos from The Ward: Cast interviews & John Carpenter's TIFF introduction

09.17.2010by: Jared Pacheco

Fresh off of Chris Bumbray's painful review of John Carpenter's THE WARD we've got a couple new videos about the film for you guys to check out. When I say that review was painful I'm talking extremely painful. A 3 out of 10? Ouch! Upsetting to see a director like Carpenter score a review like that... But alas you have to tell it like it is, right? Personally I'm still planning on checking this one out regardless, as I'm sure most of you are as well. I mean it's John Carpenter and Amber Heard!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Let me get back to today's update, two brand new videos regarding Carpenter's supernatural thriller. Now the first video can be found over in our videos section or by scrolling down below. So what does this new video have in store for us? Not much actually... It's just the introduction John Carpenter made before the screening of THE WARD at this year's Toronto International Film Festival. Now Carpenter was not able to be there for the screening, hence the introduction. You can check that little diddy out below.

After that you'll want to check out the YouTube video also posted below, featuring interviews with the cast of THE WARD. Want to know what the actors and actresses think of the flick? Just scroll below and find out! That shite comes courtesy of TIFF Midnight Madness' Blogspot.

In JOHN CARPENTER'S THE WARD, Kristen, a beautiful but troubled young woman, finds herself bruised, cut, drugged, and held against her will in a remote ward of a Psychiatric Hospital. She is completely disoriented, with no idea why she was brought to this place and no memory of her life before being admitted. All she knows is that she isn't safe.

The other patients in the ward, four equally disturbed young women, offer no answers, and Kristen quickly realizes things are not as they seem. The air is heavy with secrets, and at night, when the hospital is dark and foreboding, she hears strange and frightening sounds. It appears they are not alone. One-by-one the other girls begin to disappear and Kristen must find a way out of this hellish place before she, too, becomes a victim. As she struggles to escape, she will uncover a truth far more dangerous and horrifying than anyone could have imagined.

Along with Heard the flick also stars Lyndsy Fonseca, Danielle Panabaker, Mika Boorem, Jared Harris and Mamie Gummer. So what do you guys think? Does the early word have you running for the hills or are you still planning on giving THE WARD a chance? Hit us with your thoughts below and be sure to keep it here for more on Carpenter's supernatural return to the big screen as we hear it!

THE WARD (2010) - John Carpenter TIFF Introduction

Extra Tidbit: I don't usually go for blondes but I'm absolutely in love with Amber Heard (above). Anybody else?
Source: Blogspot



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