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2007 slasher flick Scar to be the first 3D film to hit Video-On-Demand

09.30.2010by: Jared Pacheco
So when was the last time we told you about Jed Weintrob's slasher flick SCAR? How about way back in February... of last year! Yeah... It's been a while. Well this one has apparently come and gone but it's clawed it's way back into the news this week thanks to a big first in the industry! What am I getting at? Check it.

Phase 4 Films are planning to release the 2007 slasher on Video-On-Demand this Friday. Why is that a big deal? Well because SCAR will be the first stereoscopic 3D film to be released on VOD! Hear that folks? The times... they're a changing. Actually this is pretty awesome news... Of course to get the full benefit of this release you'll need a 3-D HDTV set and liquid crystal shutter glasses, but let's not let that get us down! Come October 1st the 3D slasher will be released via the video-on-demand service of all major cable broadcasters. The film will follow that up with a DVD version of the 3D film early next year. 2D versions of the film will also be available with both releases.

SCAR is the horrific tale of a small town urban legend that becomes a modern day nightmare. Years ago, Joan Burrows became a victim of Ernie Bishop, a crazed undertaker with a penchant for mutilating young girls in his hidden morgue torture chamber. Joan escaped Bishop's sadistic clutches and killed him, becoming a local hero. But when Joan returns to her small town home to visit relatives, someone begins copying Bishop’s horrific modus operandi. As teenage girls go missing once more and the bloody clues gather, the police pinpoint Joan as their prime suspect, forcing her to face her deepest fears to apprehend the maniac.

Phase 4 Films President and CEO Berry Meyerowitz praised the film as follows: “If Freddie Krueger, Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees and Jigsaw had a party, they would have invited Ernie Bishop. This film is a total crowd pleaser for those that love to be scared out of their minds, and we are really excited about taking it to audiences. With the popularity of 3-D films and as more consumers increasingly recreate the theater experience by buying 3-D televisions, SCAR is a groundbreaking independent film positioned to tap into this growing market.”

Director Jed Weintrob adds: “I grew up with the wave of 3-D horror films in the 1980s, and I was at the theater for every one of those movies, so when I was offered the opportunity to make an homage to the classic slasher horror films in the new digital stereoscopic 3-D, I jumped at it. It's incredible how much more visceral the horror becomes in this new generation of 3-D. We literally had someone in the audience pass out at our first test screening!”

SCAR comes from a script by Zack Ford and stars Angela Bettis (below), Kirby Bliss Blanton, Ben Cotton and Christopher Titus. Oh so you've got a 3-D HDTV set and a pair of liquid crystal shutter glasses lying around? Then get ready for SCAR on October 1st!

Scar - Trailer

Extra Tidbit: This is not to be confused with the SCARS movie coming from Rodar Y Rodar and director Sergi Vizcaino.
Source: Phase 4 Films



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