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20th Century Fox still plans to reboot Planet of the Apes franchise

01.22.2010by: Jake Dee

"It's a Madhouse! A Madhouse!"

Dig this shite, folks: After long considered to be scrapped, it looks like 20th Century Fox is forging ahead with plans to reboot THE PLANET OF THE APES franchise. For realz?

'Tis true ya'll!

According to Vulture, producer Peter Chernin has overtaken the project, with the film currently shrouded under the guise of CAESAR to keep details from being unearthed. But we've got a little juice...

Awhile back, writer/director Scott Frank (THE LOOKOUT) was attached to bring his own vision to a PLANET OF THE APES continuation (post-Burton). Well, Frank's ideas for the film didn't exactly jive, so Fox hired Jamie Moss (STREET KINGS) to retool the script. Original scribes Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (THE RELIC) were also brought in to burnish some dialogue.

APES is a project Chernin clearly champions, as seen back in 1992 when, being the head of Fox Filmed Entertainment, he tried to get Oliver Stone to executive produce RETURN OF THE APES, a flick Arnie Schwarzenegger was attached to at one point.

As for Scott Frank's vision of the APES reboot, his script "showed how genetic experiments on apes led to their evolutionary eclipse of humans. 'Caesar' refers to the genetically altered leader of the simian rebellion, so dubbed because the ape was capable of grand strategic thinking on par with Julius Caesar. The 'Caesar' code name also foreshadowed the script's plot: Like the actual Julius Caesar, the ape begins a (wait for it ... ) guerrilla war and emerges the emperor of the known world."

Shocking. A premise I dig that studios don't. Just...shocking!

Read more about the development HERE.

                  Estella Warren (above) makes one hot ape!!!

Extra Tidbit: So what do ya say folks, you in favor of a PLANET OF THE APES reboot? And how about this CAESAR business? Unload a clip of shells below!
Source: Vulture



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