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04.25.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
If THE MIST is to prove anything (besides being totally awesome), it reinforced the idea that Stephen King novels still own when they're adapted 'right' for the big screen. 1408 also contributed to the idea, so while they may sometimes end up like DREAMCATCHER, they can end up gold... just depends on who's handling it, I suppose.

The Hollywood Reporter announced this morning that the next King adapted story is DOLAN'S CADILLAC, from director Erik Canuel. Richard Dooling (KINGDOM HOSPITAL) adapted the short story about a man, who plots to avenge the murder of his wife by notorious and untouchable Las Vegas mob boss Jimmy Dolan.

Excited yet? How about now? Looks like Wes Bentley has been cast as the vengeful man, Emmanuelle Vaugier as the murdered wife, and Christian Slater as Jimmy f*cking Dolan! Wow! Nice line-up! This flick may have some steam yet!

Of course, if you've read the story, you'd know that the man is a blue-collared man in his 40s or 50s, and Dolan's character is a touch older as well. Bentley and Slater? Not so old... but you know, I think it'll work here. I have a good feeling about this... I don't know why, but I do.

Plus, as Vaugier showed us in SAW II, she does a pretty swell job looking hot, even in grave peril.

Considering King's short story's adapt much better than his full blown novels, I think (as far as adaptations go) this one will hit the nail on the head. Or at least, I hope so! Production begins May 14th, so stick around for more on DOLAN'S CADILLAC as we hear it!



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