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10.05.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
The sequel to the crapfest ALIEN VS PREDATOR, currently subtitled SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, is moving right along as filming recently began in Vancouver, BC. Today The Hollywood Reporter got word of 3 new folk to join the cast, and while they're nothing to get that excited about, it's still fun to know.

Shareeka Epps, John Ortiz and Johnny Lewis (pictured) have all joined the cast, with their roles as follows: Epps will play Kendra, a young girl who must protect her little brother. Ortiz will play a recently elected sheriff, and Lewis will play Ricky, a troubled kid.

I'm going to throw a wild a shot in the dark here, but if it's going to be as R rated as some have been quoted saying, then I bet all three of these characters get caught in the middle of the battle in question, and meet their untimely and (hopefully) horrorific deaths. Or at least, I hope they do. Not that I have a grudge against any of these fine actors, but I need my body count, baby!

As long as it turns out a fraction better than Paul W.S. Anderson's vision of the first VS, I'll be one happy motorscooter. Though, to make me truly happy, they'd have to figure out a way to bring Lance Henriksen back into the picture. Now that would rock! SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, from directors Colin and Greg Strause, is aiming to fight it out in theaters December 21st, 2007.



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