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MOVIE POLL: Would you be down for Scream 5?

11.16.2012by: Ike Oden

Would you be down for Scream 5?

F*ck yeah, I'm always down for more Scream!
51.94% = 107 votes
Only if Wes Craven comes back
17.48% = 36 votes
It's not on the top of my sequel wish-list, but I'd check it out
11.17% = 23 votes
I wouldn't mind a new director but they'd have to keep the original cast
5.83% = 12 votes
No, Scream 4 was lame
5.34% = 11 votes
I didn't like the other Scream movies to begin with
4.37% = 9 votes
I could care less
3.88% = 8 votes
TOTAL VOTES = 206 votes

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