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3rd Drag Me TV Spot

05.08.2009by: Jared Pacheco

Sam Raimi may be ready to re-visit his fetish of spandex and web but not before he hits us all with his return to the genre: DRAG ME TO HELL. Raimi is ready to either fall on his face in front of the fans that got him to the show or he'll prove to us all that good ol' Spidey hasn't softened him down. Personally I'm finding it hard to believe Raimi will blow us away considering he's been hanging with the likes of Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, and James Franco for the past several years. Well maybe not James Franco.. he's awesome.

After watching the latest DRAG ME TO HELL TV spot I may actually give Raimi the benefit of the doubt! We've got the newest spot over in our videos section so you can go ahead and scroll down to check that shite out! Thanks to Joey for the heads up.

The spot features Alison Lohman (below) getting all kinds of haunted and then some! At first DRAG ME TO HELL seemed like every other cookie cutter ghost story but you can tell Raimi has added his own little piece to the puzzle. Will it work? Let's hope so! DRAG ME TO HELL also stars Justin Long and is set to hit theaters everywhere on May 29th. Could DRAG ME be a sleeper of the Summer?

Extra Tidbit: Think DRAG ME TO HELL will stand out from all the other 'ghost story' movies?
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