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4 for Perkins' 14

05.29.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
The After Dark Films original production PERKINS' 14 (which we first told you about HERE) just cast four peeps in the leading and supporting roles. Ready for it... drum roll, please...

Josh Davidson (male lead), Trey Farley (male supporting), Katherine Pawlak (female lead), and Heather Tocquigny (female supporting; pictured) have been cast in the film, which goes a little something like this:[the story] revolves around the arrest of a suspected murderer and the bloodshed that follows. Or more specifically, PERKINS' 14 tells of a man named Robert Perkins who builds an army of 14 people brainwashed through cult-like methods to protect him from his parents' killers. When Perkins is imprisoned, the police unwittingly unleash his followers on a small town and they've only got one thing on their mind: "Kill for Mr. Perkins."

Very flippin' cool. Mostly unknowns with minor roles in this and that over the years, this flick has the potential to blow the other After Dark films out of the water... should be interesting to see if their skills at producing are as good as distributing...

To check out the full casting scoop, click HERE, and stick around for more details on PERKINS' 14 over the next couple of months.

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