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5 join FD 4

02.22.2008by: Jared Pacheco
Not too long ago we gave you the word on what the opening killer sequence was going to be in FINAL DESTINATION 4. And yesterday, Ammon reported on the first casting news with Nick Zano starring.

Well Variety are throwing 5 more names out there for us. Shantel VanSanten (below), Bobby Campo, Hayley Webb, Krista Allen (below), and Andy Fiscella. Ohh Krista Allen. FINAL DESTINATION 4 has just jumped up several pegs on my list.

David Richard Ellis will be directing this one. Interesting to note that Ellis also directed FINAL DESTINATION 2, which was a very much accepted sequel. Now I'm a fan of the entire FINAL DESTINATION franchise, well the first and second one mainly.

The opening scene in FD 4 will be at a NASCAR type race, where a crash causes debris to fly into the stands and kill/narrowly miss a group of teenagers. I don't know... that sequence just doesn't sound as exciting to me as a plane crash/car crash/roller coaster crash.

How about something like a huge fire or a collapsing building? Then again I have faith in Ellis, so here's hoping. The script comes from Eric Bress. Principal photography is set to start this month in New Orleans.

The absolutely gorgeous Shantel VanSanten

The unbelievably sexy Krista Allen

Source: Variety



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