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6 Death Race clips!

08.14.2008by: Ammon Gilbert

Yesterday I pointed you in the direction of a red-band clip for next week's DEATH RACE. Like any clip, it probably gave away a little more than you'd have hoped--but also proved that this film is gonna have the balls to go all the way.

Today we have six (yes SIX) clips from DEATH RACE for ya, and just to be fair, you have been warned that if you watch all of them, you may be pissed off you did, as it'll likely spoil your viewing pleasure for the big screen. But if you're into clips, and you're STILL on the fence as to whether DEATH RACE is worth the $10 to watch on the big screen, then check them out below!

DEATH RACE, starring Jason Statham, Tyrese Gibson, and Joan Allen, hits theaters everywhere August 22nd.

Source: AITH



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