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6 Minutes of Omen

06.02.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
The guys over at LatinoReview scored a 6 minute clip from this Tuesday's release of THE OMEN- if this doesn't pump ya, nothing will!

Of course, that really means, if you're not lookin' forward to this movie, this clip isn't gonna blow you over, or make you want to get in line right now, but it does serve as some serious entertainment, and definitley a good time waster.

The remake stars Liev Schreiber and the always smokin' hot Julia Stiles, who look real young but are old enough to be parents to Damien, who is- yep, that's right- the son of Satan. Personally, I think it's not only gonna be a bad movie, but it's gonna bomb at the box office. But who knows? I hope to hell I'm wrong, I'd love to watch some good horror and see it do well. But judging from this clip, that isn't gonna happen.

I will say this though, good job on marketing on the date! A good friend of mine's birthday's on the same day- we just call her Satan for short- everybody's gonna talk about the date, might as well get them in the theaters as well. Of course, it'd have been sweet if it was an orginal movie on the devil, but that's like asking for pigs to fly. Watch for THE OMEN in theaters this 06.06.06.
Source: Latino Review



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