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A chameleon-like alien drinks human fluids in new movie Thirst

10.24.2012by: Jake Dee

Another goddamned movie called THIRST? Seriously?

Apparently so, this one from Highland Film Group. The flick is currently in pre-production, but with AFM around the bend, a logline and promo poster have been revealed (seen right and below).

This time, THIRST places us:

At a rich-kid camp in the desert wilderness, where Roth, the free-spirited guide-counselor, program director Claire, and rugged ex-cop Burt are hunted and attacked by a chameleon-like alien that feeds on the fluid of its victims.

The fluids of its victims? So not just blood? Damn, that's one indiscriminant alien, the catfish of bottom feeding E.T. predators. A sick fucker! No other details are known at this time, but we're sure to hear more once Thanksgiving rolls around.

Keep it close...

Extra Tidbit: Best movie called THIRST is? Park's, starring (Kim bin-Ok, above) right?
Source: HFG



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