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A group of English hotties get stalked in trailer for U.K. horror flick The Hike

06.06.2011by: Jake Dee

THE HIKE, a new U.K. horror flick from writer/director Rupert Bryan, is a project we hadn't heard much about until now. Luckily, our first real coverage features more than a logline and casting tidbit or two. We actually have a proper synopsis and trailer for the wooded stalk-and-slash approach. Get a gander underneath!

Co-written with Bryan by Ben Lloyd-Holmes (who also stars), THE HIKE centers on:

Kate (Zara Phythian), back from a tour of duty in Afghanistan after seeing her soldier boyfriend die in combat. She has reunited with her best friends back home, who whisk her away on a ‘healing’ camping trip to a picturesque and remote area of the British countryside.

The girls make their way into the woods in search of the perfect place to camp, forget their sorrows, and enjoy their time together. On their hike they come across a mysterious group of Eastern Europeans who seem to be living off the land. They quickly move on to avoid an awkward confrontation and continue to their destination.

When they reach Sunset Point, they meet a group of rock climbers and form a quick and flirtatious friendship. But when darkness falls, and one of their friends goes missing, the girls will be forced to rely on each other and the rock climbers to find their friend and get out of the woods in one piece.

Tamer Hassan, Barbara Nedeljakova, Daniel Caren, Jemma Bolt, Lisa-Marie Long, Shauna MacDonald, Adam Ray Young, Dominic Le Moignan, Stephanie Siadatan, Natalie Hughes and Joanne Nutall also take part in the picture.

THE HIKE hit the U.K. May 30th.  We'll work to get you a U.S. release date soon.

Extra Tidbit: The trailer make you wanna take THE HIKE?
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