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A handful of trippy promo posters for Hitchcockian thriller 388 Arletta Avenue

05.31.2011by: Jake Dee

Way the hell back in December we let you know that Devon Sawa, yes, Devon Sawa...was set to join Mia Kirshner (below) in the Hitchcockian thriller 388 ARLETTA AVENUE. You remember that shite?

No worries if not, I personally wrote the article and don't remember. Anyway, a handful of trippy promo-posters for the film have been developed, and we've slapped them bastards up for you to scope out below. Don't know, I'm getting more of a PARANORMAL ACTIVITY vibe than anything Hitch put out, but I'm still holding hope the flick will invoke the thrilling spirit of the master of suspense.

Also starring Nick Stahl, Charlotte Sullivan and Gerry Dee - 388 ARLETTA AVENUE centers on a young couple find themselves in an unnerving situation with a mysterious stalker.

Here's how exec-producer Vincenzo Natali described the film six months ago:

“388 Arletta Avenue is a wickedly smart mystery-thriller. And it’s a story that could not have existed until recently, thanks to the astonishing and invasive technology that is now widely available. The fact that it is possible makes it truly terrifying.”

Here's what director Randall Cole added at that time:

“388 Arletta Avenue plays with the notion that if you could scratch to beneath the surface of what most supposedly ordinary people present to the world, and even to themselves, you would find very interesting and possibly very dark things. If exploited, some of those things could even result in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, as it does for our lead character.”

Currently in post, we'll be sure to hit you with a release date for 388 ARLETTA AVENUE as soon as we land one.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think about 388 ARLETTA AVENUE? Genuinely intriguing or another needless P.A. ripoff?
Source: Kino Gallery



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