A Haunted House rips on Texas Chainsaw 3D in this new poster

A HAUNTED HOUSE is in theaters today. The horror parody is the latest vehicle from Marlon Wayans and sets its sights on skewering the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise. Despite following the premise of that found footage series the promotional campaign of A HAUNTED HOUSE is taking to task just about any popular horror movie, including TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D.

You have to admit the studio did not waist any time in using TC3D's success to A HAUNTED HOUSE'S advantage. While I highly doubt Wayans had the foresight to mock the recently released sequel in the film, it is nice to see the slasher's success legitimized through a parody poster.

A HAUNTED HOUSE is playing in theaters near you. Early reviews of the film have been predictably bad, but let's face it-- this isn't exactly a critic's movie. Enjoy the poster below and, if you caught the film, feel free to share your thoughts on it below.

Extra Tidbit: A HAUNTED HOUSE star Essence Atkins (pictured above) previously collaborated with the Wayans family in DANCE FLICK. Weirdly enough, she has no genre credits to her name.
Source: Fangoria



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