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A legend is reborn in the poster for William Brent Bell's Wer

Sep. 17, 2013by: Eric Walkuski

It's hard to get too worked up for William Brent Bell's followup to THE DEVIL INSIDE, considering that particular film has one of the worst endings in movie history, but perhaps he'll redeem himself with WER, a modern day werewolf tale starring AJ Cook, Simon Quaterman, Vin Sahay and Brian J. O’Connor. A new poster for the film has arrived, and you can see it in full below.

WER takes place in Paris and deals with the gruesome slaying of an American family. An attorney attempts to mount a defense for the lead suspect in the crime, but things get hairy when she discovers he's actually a werewolf.

WER was produced by FilmDistrict (Insidious, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark,), Sierra/Affinity and the Incentive Filmed Entertainment Fund. It doesn't have a release date as of yet, but will likely come out in 2014.

AJ Cook

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