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A Millennium movie?!

09.16.2009by: Eric Walkuski

Here's an intriguing - if shaky - rumor that I peeped over at the site BringBackFrankBlack, which is dedicated to Lance Henriksen's "Millennium" character. If you don't recall, "Millennium" was a show from "X-Files" creator Chris Carter focusing on a former FBI agent with a special ability (curse) to see into the mind of a killer - and the creepy show certainly had a lot of those... It was dark, pessimistic, ugly, and depressing. So it was no shocker that it never took off like "The X-Files" did.

Anyway, the site reports that the Lance Henriksen contacted them and said an "independent investor" is interested in making a MILLENIUM movie.

If true, this is certainly pretty sweet news, and yet I remain dubious. I'm just going to need more than this little tidbit to fully believe that this might move forward. It's been ten years since the show went off the air, not to mention the fact that the last X-FILES film flopped very badly, and didn't even satisfy the loyal fanbase. However, I'll be keeping a close eye on this, and will share more news if it comes my way...

Extra Tidbit: Frank Black made only one appearance on "The X-Files"; I always wondered why there weren't more cross-over episodes...



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