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A modern day Frankenstein tale gets the found footage treatment in The Reawakening

04.25.2012by: Eric Walkuski

We have eight hundred FRANKENSTEIN films in development, and eight hundred and one "found footage" flicks in the works, so what has taken so long combining them? Saves time, energy and brain-power.

What's this? We've arrived at that monumental moment?! Huzzah!

According to Vulture, the directing foursome known as Radio Silence (pictured above), who contributed a segment to the upcoming horror anthology V/H/S, are negotiating with Lionsgate to direct THE REAWAKENING, a modern-day Frankenstein riff with that found footage flavor.

Script was penned by Len Dawson (SHUTTER), and while details are being kept under wraps, Vulture says it's "equal parts Flatliners and Frankenstein." I suppose you can conjure up the story on your own from there...

We'll keep you informed as THE REAWAKENING shambles closer toward existence.

SHUTTER star Rachael Taylor

Extra Tidbit: I'm just curious to know how FOUR guys can direct together on the same project...
Source: Vulture



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