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A new look at The Box

02.27.2008by: Eric Walkuski

The last pic from THE BOX that we showed you was of... the box. Well, here's the latest look at that crazy contraption, but this time it's got some humans to go with it.

James Marsden and Cameron Diaz can be seen here considering some money and the mysterious box - which makes sense, because the object has the ability to bring them incredible wealth.

Here are the details: A couple (Diaz and James Marsden) open their door to find a box containing a button. If they push it, they will receive $1 million. The catch? Someone they don't know will die.

The USA Today article that features the above picture has an interview with director Richard Kelly, where he discusses his triumphs (DONNIE DARKO) and disasters (SOUTHLAND TALES). Intriguingly, the article mentions that THE BOX'S last week of production involved shooting at NASA, inside a cavernous wind tunnel and atop a gantry, a 240-foot-high erector-set-style structure once used to train Apollo astronauts... So this isn't quite the Richard Matheson story the film is based on - although it seems to be faithful to the author's ideals. This is an intriguing project, no doubt - as intriguing as a Cameron Diaz movie can be, at the very least.

No release date is yet set.

Source: USA Today



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