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A new Texas massacre from Kim Henkel in the form of Boneboys Inc.

11.23.2010by: Eric Walkuski

We've just been alerted to a very intriguing flick that had escaped our attention up until now: BONEBOYS INC.; intriguing because it comes from writer-producer Kim Henkel, who of course co-created THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. (He also directed the regrettable TEXAS CHAINSAW: THE NEXT GENERATION, but the less said about that...) Duane Graves and Justin Meeks, who worked with Henkel on THE WILD MAN OF THE NAVIDAD, are directing. (We'll eventually have to figure out the real title; some sources call it BONEBOYS while others name it BONEBOYS INC. We'll roll with the latter for now.)

While details are scant, it would appear as though cannibalism will play a role in BONEBOYS INC., and it'll be served on plates for all to enjoy. Evidently inspired by Jonathan Swift's satirical essay "A Modest Proposal" - in which the author suggested the poor people of Ireland should sell their infants as food to the rich - BONEBOYS INC. will focus on addiction to human flesh and a supper club called "Jay Swift Steaks and Chops". You probably don't want to examine that menu too closely.

According to an article in the Texan paper Taylor Daily Press, a villain named "Amp Head" has taken to beating vegan protesters in the head with a rock... in the movie, of course. You can peep a few pics (that's "Amp Head" below) from behind-the-scenes here and at the Taylor Daily Press site.

Making it further interesting for TEXAS CHAINSAW fans, two of the original stars from that seminal flick, Edwin Neal and Marilyn Burns star in BONEBOYS INC., which doesn't have a firm distribution plan yet. It just wrapped shooting, so hopefully we'll hear more on this nutter in the coming months.

Thanks to Avery for the heads up!

Extra Tidbit: Anyone else see THE WILD MAN OF THE NAVIDAD. Weird movie, that...



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