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A poster Not Forgotten

02.07.2008by: Eric Walkuski

Here's a project I had nearly forgotten about, and that's not just some horrible pun: The psychological thriller NOT FORGOTTEN. Last I wrote about it, Jordana Brewster had joined the cast. Well, apparently those plans were scrapped, because her name is nowhere to be found on the new teaser poster, which ShockTillYouDrop got their hands on. Paz Vega is now on board, and that's just fine (check her out below).

Brewster was originally meant to play the second wife of Simon Baker (LAND OF THE DEAD), who stars as a man haunted by the disappearance of his daughter from his first marriage. They approach a Latina soothsayer to find out what happened to the girl, but the old woman's visions threaten to dredge up secrets from their tortured pasts.

The flick, set in Texas but filming in New Mexico, is being directed by Dror Soref, who no kidding, has a "Weird Al" Yankovic video in his past. Guess we've all got to start somewhere. Co-stars include Ken Davitian (Borat's big pal) and Chloe Moritz.

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