A serial killer takes on demonic forces in Our Evil

Our Evil Samuel Galli

Who would you call on for help if you were told that demonic forces were out to get you or a loved one? An exorcist is the obvious choice, we've seen that in movies time and time again. With his feature debut, Brazilian filmmaker Samuel Galli presents the story of someone who chooses a very different option: they enlist the help of a serial killer.

Titled OUR EVIL, Galli's film is set 

in the underbelly of São Paulo, telling the story of a spiritualist who after receiving warning that a demonic power is coming to destroy his daughter's soul, employs a serial killer in an effort to protect her.

The "serial killer vs. demonic power" concept allows the film to start out with the style of a slasher but then bring in more of a supernatural element in the second half, fleshing out the characters and their motivations along the way. Galli wanted to keep his audience guessing.

Jinga Films recently acquired the world sales rights to OUR EVIL and the search is on for international distributors. Jinga's Julian Richards describes the film as a mixture of the brutal realism of HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER and the supernatural shocks of THE EXORCIST. Those elements are blended together in a movie that Richards says has a style reminiscent of BLOOD SIMPLE.

A HENRY / EXORCIST / BLOOD SIMPLE mash-up sounds incredible to me, and my interest in this project is enhanced even further by the fact that it was made in Brazil. I'm looking forward to hearing distribution news for OUR EVIL, as I'm hoping to be able to watch it very soon.

Our Evil Samuel Galli

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