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A Slacker Revenge story

06.29.2009by: Eric Walkuski

Award-winning director Simon Fuller (THE LIVING AND THE DEAD) sent us an email talking up his latest picture, called RED WHITE AND BLUE, so we're going to give the man his due and pass the info along to you fine folks. Hey, nothing like getting in on the ground floor, right?

The story is being kept under lock-and-key; all Mr. Fuller would divulge is that it's a "fast moving slacker revenge movie". I can dig it! The flick is shooting in Austin, Texas, and stars Noah Taylor (SHINE, TOMB RAIDER), Marc Senter (THE LOST, CABIN FEVER 2), and Amanda Fuller (WOMAN'S MURDER CLUB). Check out the behind-the-scenes pics to see the whole gang. The other fellow pictured (in the brown shirt) is Tim League - founder of the legendary Alamo Drafthouse.

Of course, we hope to have more info on this mysterious revenge film soon. When we get it, so will you, kids!

Extra Tidbit: Anybody out there ever actually been to the Alamo Drafthouse? I want to go in the worst f'n way...
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