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A Stranger Trailer

12.23.2005by: Ammon Gilbert

It seems like only yesterday that we got a first glimpse at the poster for the Simon West directed remake of WHEN A STRANGER CALLS. Today, Yahoo!Movies has the exclusive trailer for the flick, and yes... it's just as bad as you'd expect!

Click HERE to check out the trailer... I don't know what it is, but I just can't buy this Camilla Belle chick as... well, anything. She's hot, yeah, but not really... what's the word... talented? Maybe the trailer just isn't giving her justice... we'll see.

Pretty much the whole time I kept waiting for the voice on the phone to ask "What's your favorite scary movie?"- and to give the whole "the calls are coming from within the house" spin away in the trailer doesn't seem to make sense. Yes, it's a remake, so those who've seen it know, but what about all the people who haven't seen it? There goes that twist!

Regardless, check out the TRAILER, let's us know what you think below, and watch for the CALL February 3rd in theaters everywhere. And yes... it's PG-13.
Source: Yahoo!Movies



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