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A trio of nasty new stills from lesbian werewolf flick Jack And Diane are here

10.11.2012by: Jake Dee

A trio of nasty new stills from lesbian werewolf flick JACK AND DIANE has just landed on our stoop, one thanks to Fangoria, the others to Magnolia. As you'll notice, some pretty hairy beastlike transformations are set to show onscreen, making this a far more likeable movie than the NEW MOON demo it seems to target. Let's have a little faith in this one!

Starring Juno Temple, Riley Keough, Cara Seymour, and Kylie Minogue:

Jack and Diane, two teenage girls, meet in New York City and spend the night kissing ferociously. Diane’s charming innocence quickly begins to open Jack’s tough skinned heart. But when Jack discovers that Diane is moving she pushes her away. Unable to grasp her new feelings, Diane's emotions begin to cause unexplainable violent changes to her body. Through these awkward and insecure feelings, the two girls must struggle to turn their first love into an enduring one.

JACK AND DIANE hits theaters November 2nd.

Extra Tidbit: Best pic has to be that Fango one, no?
Source: FangoriaMagnolia



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