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A trip to the Scottish Highlands turns bloody in Dead Lovely

05.05.2011by: Eric Walkuski

German filmmaker Chris Kraus has signed on to adapt DEAD LOVELY, based on the novel of the same name by Scottish-based author Helen FitzGerald. Described as a darkly comic psycho thriller, set in the Scottish Highlands, the film will be Kraus' English-language debut. (His prison drama 4 MINUTES won Germany's equivalent of the Oscar.)

DEAD LOVELY's synopsis: Krissie Donald has no desire to 'settle down'. Committed men are hers for the taking, but she prefers explosive liaisons to any sort of full-blown relationship.

Krissie’s best friend, Sarah, couldn’t be more different. Married to a good-catch-doctor in her early twenties, it isn't long before Sarah's dying to start a family.

When Krissie becomes pregnant after a holiday dalliance in Tenerife, their relationship quickly begins to go awry. For Sarah, who’s been trying to conceive for what seems like forever, this seems painfully unfair, and things deteriorate further during a holiday in the Scottish Highlands with Sarah's husband, Kyle.

What starts out as an enjoyable and much-needed break soon becomes a nightmarish combination of sexual tension, murder and mayhem ...

No cast has signed up yet.

Extra Tidbit: I'd like to holiday in Isla Fisher's Highlands! (She's Scottish, you see...)
Source: THR



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