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A whole lot of CG action goes down in official trailer for Immortals

04.27.2011by: Jake Dee

Yesterday we caught a bootleg glimpse at a teaser trailer for Tarsem Singh's IMMORTALS. Now, at a minute or so longer, we have the official trailer for the medieval action epic. Don't front, you know where to find that shite!

Now, I must say the trailer is fraught with more CGI than I'd care to admit, but what else do you expect from the producers of 300. In fact, you add 300 with CLASH OF THE TITANS, throw in a filthy Mickey Rourke, a sultry Freida Pinto and voila...IMMORTALS is born.

Also featuring Isabel Lucas (below), John Hurt, Kellan Lutz, Stephen Dorff, Luke Evans, Joseph Morgan and Stephen McHattie - IMMORTALS centers on a purported bastard who retains an allegiance to his mother despite the fact that he longs to join the quest of a king. He is battling demons in ancient Greece and later embarks on a grail of discovery that has him finding he is the king’s son and also fated to become his country’s greatest hero as he leads the successful war against long-imprisoned Titans who are hoping to use the demons to restore their power.

IMMORTALS does business November 11th.

Extra Tidbit: How's the trailer sit with you?
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