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ABC's "Beauty and the Beast" pilot finds its beauty: Ruth Bradley

03.02.2012by: Eric Walkuski

Just so you're up to speed, this is not Guillermo del Toro's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, or Christophe Gans' BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, or The CW's "Beauty and the Beast". This is ABC's "Beauty and the Beast." That's four different B+Bs, folks. Four...

Anyhow, this version - which seems to be a bit more in the classic fantasy tradition than the CW's updated take - has just cast its leading lady, an Irish lily named Ruth Bradley. The lass will play an embattled princess, Grace, who discovers an unlikely connection with a mysterious beast, Shiro (Scottish singer-actor Darius Campbell).

Bradley, perhaps best known from the UK fantasy series "Primeval", will soon be seen in a TITANIC mini-series, as well as the Irish horror-comedy GRABBERS.

Yves Simoneau ("V") is directing the pilot, which was penned by Jonathan E. Steinberg ("Human Target").

Extra Tidbit: Which of the BEAUTY AND THE BEAST projects interests you the most?



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