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Action Round-Up #18

05.15.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

Direct Contact Trailer & pics!

ARROW ADDITION #2: Great men Dolph Lundgren and Michael Pare will blast the DVD shelves to smithereens on July 2nd via DIRECT CONTACT (get the DVD here). The movie  is about an imprisoned ex-special forces badass who's let out of his cage to rescue an American hostage. Lots of ra-ta-tat and kabooms ensue. See the TRAILER below and check out some EXCLUSIVE PICS at our sister site the DVD CLINIC.

The Eagle Path Trailer!

ARROW ADDITION: The trailer for the written by, directed by and starring Jean Claude Van Damme action thriller THE EAGLE PATH is in the house and you can check it out below. Looks pretty good to me! I like how MAJOR GORY DAMAGE goes down with every bullet hit. Somebody watched the last RAMBO.... too bad that same somebody said NO DICE to a role in THE EXPENDABLES.... no... I'm still not over it...

Expendables new pics and logo!

There's an awesome new image of Sylvester Stallone in THE EXPENDABLES holding on to the side of seaplane as it's taking off in one of the most kick-ass images we've seen thus far! Head over to AICN to check out the full image, featuring more Stallone, more bulging muscles, and more killer tattoos.

There's also a teaser poster for THE EXPENDABLES in Cannes right now, and thanks to Twitter, it's now online and kicking ass. Just look at that thing--f*ck yeah! But why leave it at only three names? Where's Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, or Eric Roberts? Their names surely deserve a spot on this poster too... in due time, I'm sure they will be.

Streets of Blood Trailer!


What do you get when you take big stars like Val Kilmer, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, and Sharon Stone, and put them together in one movie? Ten years ago you'd have a blockbuster on your hands, but now, you just have yourselves a quaint little Straight to DVD action-thriller!

Kilmer is joining the likes of Cuba Gooding Jr., Steven Seagal, and Jean-Claude Van Damme as big stars turned straight to DVD actors, and now it looks like Stone and Fitty are joining the team, too! And is it just me, or is Stone getting OLD? Yeesh!

But will it rock? With a name like STREETS OF BLOOD, how can it not? Check out the trailer below, and be sure to pre-order that shit right RIGHT HERE. STREETS OF BLOOD hits DVD July 28th.

Another Basterd!!

There's another basterd on the prowl, and this time it's Til Schweiger! Rockin' the latest INGLORIOUS BASTERDS character poster, this sucker features Til rockin' a big-ass gun and a look that says "Nazis, I'm gonna f*cking kill you". That's what I'm talkin' about!

Get ready for the Nazi killing to commence in theaters on August 21st.

JCVD & Vinnie in Weapon!

Director Russell Mulcahy will be taking on two badass motorscooters in WEAPON, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Vinnie Jones! What a f*cking team-up!

WEAPON is about two of the world's best assassins as they join forces to take down the head of a DEA-backed drug cartel.

If that doesn't sound like more fun than a barrel of gun-totting monkeys, I don't know what does! But is this the reason why JCVD turned down Stallone's EXPENDABLE invitation? If so, then this sucker must be f*cking amazing... and if it isn't, then damn you JCVD!

Mulcahy gave us HIGHLANDER, so let's just hope he still has it in him to deliver a movie with balls and ridiculous amounts of violence. With JCVD and that crazy mofo Vinnie Jones, I can't see why not. Stick around for more on WEAPON as we hear it!

Cliffhanger Remake???

The world has officially gone to hell. The news today coming out of Variety confirms it. Studio Canal and Original Films are teaming up together to remake Renny Harlin's Sylvester Stallone classic CLIFFHANGER. Shoot me now!

They claim the remake will be along the lines of STAR TREK, with a younger cast of climbers, not just one dude. I can't even talk about this anymore, this is just too f*cking ridiculous. Filming on the remake / reboot is scheduled to start this fall. Mark your calendars for the end of the world...


Extra Tidbit: A f*cking CLIFFHANGER remake? Really?
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