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Action Round-Up #24

06.26.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

Noyce talks SALT!

The boys over at Dark Horizons had a chance to sit down and chat with director Phillip Noyce about his upcoming Angelina Jolie actioner SALT. He discusses many things regarding the flick, including script changes and why it was in development for so long, but he also addresses how realistic the film will be. Check it:

Yeah. So, this is like that, following the trend in action-adventure spy movies. It has evolved into a story where we hope at all times that the audience take seriously the emotional interplay between the characters, and are very, very involved on an emotional level with the story. As well as getting enormous thrills and spills, and all the other popcorn elements that you’d hope to see in a summer movie.

Hell yeah. I love summer popcorn movies, and I can't wait to see one that doesn't treat us all like a bunch of robot-loving morons, but one that combines all that action with real characters and whatnot. I'm sold! Look for SALT in theaters sometime next summer, and check out the whole interview by heading THIS WAY.


According to the dudes over at UGO, after a chat with producer Avi Lerner, word on the street that Stallone's THE EXPENDABLES may be coming at us... in PG-13!!! While a final decision hasn't been made yet, they're cutting two versions of the film (in R and PG-13) for testing, and whichever gets the best response... wins! Since they want this to be the next big franchise, I can see where they're going... and I don't like it. How can it NOT be rated R???

Other less than good news from Lerner: RAMBO 5 will be tamer and more low-key than RAMBO 4. However, RAMBO 5 is coming. And I quote, not "if" but a "when.". I can't wait for RAMBO 5 (the world always needs a RAMBO movie), but a PG-13 EXPENDABLES? I'm gonna hope that the audiences they screen will dig the R rated version more... then again, regardless of the theatrical cut, if it does go PG-13, then at least the unrated version on DVD will be worth it.

2nd BASTERDS Trailer!

The latest and greatest trailer for INGLORIOUS BASTERDS has hit, and hot-damn does it look like a good time! See more of Eli Roth bashing heads in with bats, more of the serious side of Mike Myers, and more of Brad Pitt with that silly mustache and goofy accent! This flick is gonna rock the house because it's Quentin Tarantino doing what he does best (making movies) about a group of Nazi killers. Nazi killers.. that has a nice ring to it, huh? Check out the new trailer and get ready for the carnage this August.

The Butcher trailer hits!

We got word on a new little action flick currently hitting the film festival circuit and then later DVD called THE BUTCHER, starring the great Eric Roberts, the villain from the 80s Robert Davi, the always entertaining Keith David, and even Michael Ironside shows up in the beginning. What a cast! Here's the synopsis for those wondering at home:

Merle Hench (Eric Roberts) is an enforcer for a mob outfit. He’s set up to take the fall for a multi-million dollar heist of a rival mob boss. A gambler on a 20 year losing streak, Merle’s luck turns as he survives the trap and winds up with a piece of the take and the girl. He might have been content to just disappear but the betrayal of his 20 year loyalty snapped something inside. They thought his nickname was a joke but Merle Hench, otherwise known as the Butcher, has a dark side and a secret past. Underestimating the Butcher will be the last mistake they’ll make…

Note to self: if I ever meet anyone who calls himself "The Butcher", turn around and run away. Flick sounds cool as hell, and the trailer below deserves some props, so check that shit out now. THE BUTCHER hits DVD July 14th, and may be the reunion of 80s action movie greats that you've been waiting for. That Roberts fellow is just so damn badass!

Hitman 2 is a go!

Word coming out of Variety has it that 20th Century Fox has greenlit HITMAN 2, sequel to the Timothy Olyphant action flick based on the popular video game. That's right, there's gonna be a sequel hitting theaters in 2010!

Kyle Ward has been hired to write the film, which will be based close to the story line of the HITMAN 5 video game catching the title character, Agent 47, at a low point. He must build himself back up psychologically and physically to reclaim his mantle as the world's most feared assassin.

And by low point, they mean the original film which wasn't "all-that" but more like "mostly all crap." Actually, it wasn't horrid, but I'm a little surprised they're going with a sequel... then again, the first one took in about $100M and only cost $30M to make, so bullshit walks and money talks as the saying goes. Let's hope they recast Olyphant for someone a little beefier...

New GI JOE Clip!

August is rolling up on us with a quckness, hence the new clippage we have coming out of GI JOE: RISE OF THE COBRA. Lots of action, lots of effects, lots of potentially cool shit going on... or simply just shit. After being let down by two effects-heavy action flicks this summer, I'm not holding my breath for GI JOE... then again, we're due for some retribution. Bring it! And yeah... enjoy the new clip below for some fun, mindless entertainment.


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