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Action Round-Up #42

10.30.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

Sly, Arnold, and Bruce in Expendables!

The publicist rocking THE EXPENDABLES has been keeping us up to date with blog posts and pics every now and then. This time she outdoes herself by describing what happened when Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Bruce Willis filmed their scene together. This thing is gonna be epic...

I thought it was electric in Brazil when all of The Expendables stepped on set Ė but today was atomic!!!! the whole crew was mesmerized as we watched the three of them play off of each other in a pivotal scene that sets up the whole movie. And while I canít/donít want to give too much away I can tell you that Arnoldís character is Trench and Bruce is Church, the scene was shot in an empty church without extras and minimal set dec and it has tension and humor...

Is it August yet? This is an action fanboy's dream come true. I can't imagine it being any less than epic at this point, let's hope it doesn't disappoint!

Boondock Saints II trailer!

It's been a decade since THE BOONDOCK SAINTS was released, and what was once a little action movie has steadily climbed to a cult sensation on DVD. It's so popular they decided to go for THE BOONDOCKS SAINTS II: ALL SAINTS DAY, which will hopefully recreate the violence and the fun the original did so well.

To get ready for the film's limited theatrical release starting this Friday, IGN has the first five and a half minutes from the film! That's right, if you wanna see how this sucker begins, then check out the clip below! Will it sway you to want to see the final product? Most likely! So if you're on the fence, check out the opening sequence, and get ready for THE BOONDOCK SAINTS II in limited theaters starting October 30!

Jane talks Punisher 3!

According to THIS INTERVIEW with MTV, the great Thomas Jane is still interested in returning as Frank Castle aka The Punisher if it's done right.

According to MTV, Jane went on to say that he feels the "definitive Punisher film" has yet to be made, but would very much like to return to the character for that very reason. Clearly having given the subject some thought over the years, Jane described the perfect "Punisher" movie as a blend of tones found in the films of dramatic, tough-guy writer/directors like Walter Hill ("The Warriors") and Sam Peckinpah ("The Wild Bunch"), and a far cry from what he described as the "cartoon" version of the character.

The cartoon version, of course, being PUNISHER: WAR ZONE, one of the most ridiculous action films ever made. Jane back as Punisher? If done in a more hardcore way, I think it could work, and I think the Jane could pull it off. While 2004's THE PUNISHER had its problems, they weren't necessarily due to Jane's performance, but a truckload of other things (Travolta as the villain? Really?).

Should be interesting to see if the franchise will have itself another reboot, or if WAR ZONE nailed the last bolt into the coffin. Stick around as we wait to find out!

Universal Soldier 3 lands DVD date!

Word on the street is that the return of the UNIVERSAL SOLDIER is happening on DVD and Blu-ray come January 5, 2010, when UNIVERSAL SOLDIER 3: A NEW BEGINNING hits stores everywhere! Yee-haw!

Starring living legends Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude Van Damme, US3 is directed by John Hyams. While the plot details have yet to be released, we do know the DVD/Blu-ray will be released in an unrated format, which should include a ton more blood and violence (if we're lucky).

Stick around for the DVD art, and be sure to pre-order the DVD below! January 5th, baby! Bring it!


The Rock / Billy Bob in action!

According to Variety, The Rock and Billy Bob Thorton have signed on to star in FASTER together, a new action thriller to be directed by George Tillman.

Production is set to start early next year on the flick, which goes a little something like this: The Rock plays Driver, an ex-con out to avenge his brother's murder. Thornton plays Cop, a veteran policeman who trails Driver as he races to settle with those responsible for the murder. Also in the mix is Killer, an egocentric hitman who's after Driver. That role hasn't been cast yet.

Nice! Driver, Cop, Killer? Talk about classic character names! Classic! Nothing like a good revenge movie to get the bullets flying and adrenaline pumping. And while I could give a crap about Billy Bob, I'm still a fan of The Rock when he does action. THE RUNDOWN and WALKING TALL proves he's better than RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN. Hopefully this is a turning point where he does more action and less kids stuff...

SMOKIN' ACES 2 trailer!

SMOKIN' ACES 2: ASSASSINS' BALL is aiming to hit DVD and Blu-ray January 19th, and to get ready for the release, we have the film's kickin' DVD cover and brand spankin' new trailer below for you to check out!

So what's SMOKIN' ACES all about? It's a prequel of sorts, and it goes a little something like this: Walter Weed (Tom Berenger) is an unassuming desk jockey at the FBI when the Bureau uncovers a plot to assassinate him. A team of degenerate, psychotic assassins dispatched by mystery man Hal Leuco to win a huge bounty includes a resourceful beauty who has a unique method of killing her prey (Martha Higareda), a power-tool wielding psychopath (Vinnie Jones) and a deadly master of disguise (Tommy Flanagan). Also in the hunt is the fan-favorite Tremor family from the original film, featuring nymphomaniacal gun-nut (Autumn Reeser) and her lethal kinfolk (Maury Sterling, Michael Parks and C. Ernst Harth). Baker (Clayne Crawford), the agent in charge of the operation, puts himself and his team in the line of fire to defend Weed, but itís not until the smoke clears on the filmís explosive climax that the surprising identity of the plotís mastermind is revealed.

It's a helluva cast, and it's looking like a helluva good time. I dug SMOKIN' ACES for the most part, even with its odd tonal change at the end (from fun times to way too serious just like that). Is it me, or are all the rockin' action movies these days going straight to DVD and NOT to theaters? What's up with that? Plus, that Autumn Reeser is even hotter with a big-ass gun! Have a blast with the trailer below, and get ready for SMOKIN' ACES 2 on DVD/Blu-ray January 19, 2010.

Wrong Turn at Tahoe trailer!

Ten years ago, if you were to tell me Cuba Gooding Jr. would be up there in the super-stardom world of straight-to-DVD action heroes, I'd call bullshit. But over the years, Cuba has beaten Steven Seagal and Dolph Lundgren as the STD king. And now it looks like he's dipping his STD stick into some action as well.

WRONG TURN AT TAHOE stars Cuba, Miguel Ferrer, and Harvey Keitel, and it goes a little something like this: A small-time crime boss kills a drug dealer without realizing that the drug dealer works for the biggest crime boss in the country.

Check out the trailer below and behold Cuba the action star, as there's plenty of gun-fighting action to keep any fan of the genre entertained. Or at least curious to see how it's all gonna play out. WRONG TURN AT TAHOE , rated R for strong bloody violence, pervasive language, some drug use and sexual content, hits DVD / Blu-ray November 16th.


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