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Adam Brody talks about Scream 4, calls it "meta on meta on meta"

09.10.2010by: Eric Walkuski

Adam Brody is in SCREAM 4 for some reason and the time has come for him to open up about it. In an interview with Movieline, Brody talks about how self-referential the flick is. Sounds kinda lame, honestly.

"Well, this one’s like meta on meta on meta. Self-referencing on self-referencing. But again, because the first one is about movies, and this one’s about movies and all the murders that have taken place onscreen over the years. This one’s all about commenting on itself. And I like that. It’s part of the fun. But that’s right: I think everything is more meta and self-referential now. I think people are more plugged-in, communication works faster, people are more educated about it — how it did or whatever. Even Apatow — there’s nothing “meta” about it, but it references events. People are doing more of that in movies and pop culture in the moment."

I know SCREAM has always been self-aware, but do we really need self-referencing on self-referencing? Like Brody says, everything is so damn ironic and self-aware nowadays anyway, I fear that SCREAM 4 is going to be just one big elbow-nudge and not a genuine movie... Hope I'm wrong.

Extra Tidbit: I actually did think Brody was funny in JENNIFER'S BODY.
Source: Movieline



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